A one-of-a-kind residential, arts and entertainment district, Uptown is Cleveland’s new style of living.
The neighborhood’s latest architectural, commercial, and cultural ventures have helped define its eclectic and vibrant atmosphere, much like the one it enjoyed throughout the first half of the 20th century.

Our History


Uptown can be traced back to one of Cleveland’s earliest and liveliest cultural districts, known then as Doan’s Corners and the city’s “second downtown.” At its height in the 19th century, Doan’s Corners bustled with streetcars and trolleys that brought Clevelanders to the most exciting theaters, restaurants, and shopping promenades of the day. But by the 1970s, the legendary junction began to dwindle. Urban growth gave way to suburban expansion, and virtually none of the original district remains to this day. 


It wasn’t until forty years later that a group of stakeholders, recognizing the historical significance of the property at Euclid Avenue, decided to restore the area to its former glory. To realize their vision, they found an ideal partner in the local family-run developer MRN, which had orchestrated the vibrant remaking of the East 4th Street district in Downtown Cleveland. 


A “new downtown” for a new era, Uptown flourishes at the crossroads of Cleveland’s world-class cultural, medical, and educational institutions. Its eclectic atmosphere and international perspective have primed the area to once again become one of the city’s most exciting urban experiences.

Our Partners

Case Western Reserve University

Ranked number one university in Ohio, Case Western is a main-stay in University Circle and is steeped in tradition. Case’s impressive undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs bring individuals from all over the world to the neighborhood. CWRU has improved people's lives through scholarship, innovative learning, groundbreaking research, and promotion of an all-inclusive culture of global citizenship.

University Circle Inc.

UCI is the development, service, and advocacy group responsible for making University Circle a premier destination in Cleveland. They’ve achieved this by reviving the city’s businesses and residences; connecting them with high caliber education and entertainment organizations.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Founded in 1968, Cleveland's Museum of Contemporary Art is a leading cultural force in Northeast Ohio, and is recognized internationally for its creative exhibitions and public programs. About eight exhibitions are held every year;each accompanied by public and educational programs where MOCA brings a diverse array of work from national and international artists to its visitors.

Cleveland Institute of Art

The Cleveland Institute of Art is one of the nation’s leading accredited independent colleges of art and design. For more than 130 years, the college has been a cornerstone of education in Cleveland, and has produced some of the best studio artists, designers, photographers, contemporary craftsmen, and educators. Slightly more than 500 students choose from 18 areas of study at CIA, where students can expect an attentive educational experience, along with all the benefits of a larger institution.